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New First Aid Kit on the Way

That's right! One nifty first aid kit wasn't enough for us. We're building another for your preparedness pleasure. The new kit will make a d├ębut in all its tiny splendor at a gun show next weekend. Did I say tiny? Oops! Almost let the cat out of the bag! Or the bandaids out of the tin... or something. 

Just had to share the this delightful, shiny news, but I think I'd better go before I give the whole thing away...


The SAM® Splint

The SAM Splint (tactical grey version included in The Ammo Can First Aid Kit) is an amazing tool perfect for splinting Sam. Whoever he is. If no Sam is available, feel free to splint anything else that is handy. This thing is bendable, foldable, and even roll-able until you put one of three curves into it. Then it becomes absolutely rigid for splinting! Check out this video to see its uses.

(Did you sit there wondering if that guy's name was Sam? Yeah, I kinda wondered that too.)


Printable Wallet-sized Medical Info Card

So, maybe you're all nice and medically prepared. You know what to do if someone in your family has a medical emergency and there are no doctors available. You're all set! Except when you're the one who has a problem and the people trying to help you aren't sure what to do. They don't know if you're diabetic or allergic... or just given to random naps.

This handy little download covers all your basic medical info in case of emergency: emergency contacts, chronic conditions, prescription and over-the-counter meds, allergy record, immunization record, and space for extra notes. Give those people a starting point and you might just be able to wake up and tell them what to do next.


North American Rescue® EMT Trauma Shears

These EMT Trauma Shears (included in The Ammo Can First Aid Kit) are tough--like, really tough. Watch this guy use them to cut through a penny! (Oh, yeah, also notice how cool they look in non-reflective black?)

This is the part where we say, "Don't try this at home." And if you do (like we just told you not to) don't bother claiming that we said you could... 'cause we didn't. Right here is where. ;)


Homemade Water Lense

Did you know you could use water to burn through wood or heat up a skillet? Sound kind of backwards, but watch this!

"This is a solar water lens that is almost 30 inches in diameter and can burn through wood quickly. It delivers a very large powerful focal point that is only useful around noon in the summertime when the sun is directly overhead. The material is crystal clear vinyl shower curtain. This lens concentrates about 500 watts of solar heat energy to a focal point of 1 inch optimal with a 3-6 inch scatter."

This is the part where we say, "Don't try this at home." And if you do (like we just told you not to) don't bother claiming that we said you could... 'cause we didn't. Right here is where. ;)


Iraq Vet's Assessment of The Ammo Can First Aid Kit

"It is an excellently stocked kit and a good deal... As an Iraq vet, I know the value and effectiveness of your kit."